The true value of Pictures is in a year or two away when you will say to yourself, take me back to this day!!! Not now, not the trend, not the people, not the budgets, but those priceless moments!

Please Note!

Deluxe Packages comes with Bridal Preparation, Ceremony, Exclusive Session(Preferably 30mins) and Reception. Groom Preparation coverage may come at an extra cost for the mentioned packages. Also Note that our Deluxe Package comes with a 45-60 minutes Pre-Wedding (In Studio) session with 15 (R5) Photos. Look in the adjustments section of our ratecard to effect changes to packages as all packages are adjustable to suit client needs and desires.

Our Platinum Package comes with a 2-3hours Pre-Wedding Session with the flexibility of clients choosing more than one location for their session. You also enjoy the presence of our Creative Director who will make sure you are picture ready, in great mood, amazing poses and your day activities well coordinated. Also a definite featuring on our Website and Blog Posts as well as our Social Media Platforms. Coverage also includes; Pre-Wedding session, Bridal Preparation, Groom Preparation. Ceremony, Exclusive Session(Preferably 45mins) and Reception. Deliverables also include an A3 Photobook with One A4 Photo Frame and an Online Gallery.

Our Priceless Package is more oriented to Clients who are interested in having their entire photography experience custom-made and tailored uniquely to suit their desire and taste. Such clients should be willing to invest more than ₵ 16000.00 into their Wedding Photography. This package comes with a lot of creative meetings with couple, planners and other vendors to create mood boards, unique concepts and themes. Planning is uncompromise to achieve extra ordinary, high quality and storytelling images. Every picture produced under this package is a perfect picture. Our Priceless Package is made up of a five-man squad; Our Lead Creative Director, 3 Lead Photographers and Light Bender who will be with you right from the Pre-Wedding Session(Full Day), Traditional Wedding(Full Day), White Wedding(Full Day) and Thanksgiving/Lunch. This package also comes with Same-day Edits, Instant Picture for Wedding Guest, Review Time with our Editors, Over 100 Retouched Images, Drone Shots among others. Send us an email now for full information on this package.


Retouching (Per Image) - ₵ 35.00

Creative Director/Blogger - ₵ 1500.00

Extra Photographer - ₵ 1000.00

Extra Hourly Rate - ₵ 300.00

Extra Softcopies (100) - ₵ 250.00

Groom Preparation - ₵ 500.00

Pre-Wedding Session (30 Images, R 10) - ₵ 1000.00

Photo Book(A3) - ₵ 1500.00

Photo Book(A4) - ₵ 800.00

Photo Frames(A4) - ₵ 150.00

Photo Frames(A3) - ₵ 200.00

Photo Frames(A2) - ₵ 300.00

Drone Coverage - ₵ 1000.00

Thanksgiving / Lunch(3 hours) - ₵ 2000.00

Same Day Edit/Live Photo Sharing(25-40 Images) - ₵ 1500.00

Express Service(Full Delivery Within 5 Working Days) - ₵ 2500.00

Please Note!

The (R#) next to the number of Photos/Softcopies to be delivered to the clients refers to "number of retouched images". Although all pictures will be normally edited before presented to clients; Retouching means we move the focus of our editing from the general look of your photograph to the various elements within the picture. This only means that certain flaws noticed on the elements within the image such us messed up hair, patchy makeup, rough skin, protruding stomach and other wanted/unwanted elements will further be corrected by eliminating or adding to the picture for an entirely glowing effect on images. Furthermore other Photographic filters and colour grading can also be added to the photograph when necessary to produce a unique and outstanding image. It’s almost like the perfect picture. 

Read our FAQ for more clarity and also see sample images of this value-added service. 

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Please Note!

All Packages above comes with Bridal and Groom preparation coverage.

All 1-5 minutes thrillers will be delivered to Clients via Dropbox Links to their E-MAILS or WHATSAPP and Full Wedding Movies will be delivered to Clients via Flash/Pen Drives.


Same Day Edit(Thriller) 1min - ₵ 800.00

Engagement Reception(2hours) - ₵ 1000.00

Groom Preparation - ₵ 500.00

Save The Date Film - ₵ 1500.00

Interview Sessions(Up to 12 Persons) - ₵ 1500.00

Additional Cinematographer - ₵ 800.00

15 Minutes Full Movie - ₵ 1200.00

Drone Coverage - ₵ 1000.00

Thanksgiving / Lunch(3 hours) - ₵ 2000.00

Express Service(Full Delivery Within 5 Working Days) - ₵ 2500.00

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