The true value of Pictures is in a year or two away when you will say to yourself, take me back to this day!!! Not now, not the trend, not the people, not the budgets, but those priceless moments!

We are super excited to introduce two sets of packages to help give our clients more options and even make it easier to hire our services. We have the Simple & Soft Packages. These packages are budget-friendly for clients with low budgets or couples having a simple and intimate event. Also, our Combo Packages for photo and video combined packages. These new packages make our outfit a one-stop-shop for all your media coverage needs

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Please Note!

The (R#) next to the number of Photos/Softcopies to be delivered to the clients refers to "number of retouched images". Although all pictures will be normally edited before presented to clients; Retouching means we move the focus of our editing from the general look of your photograph to the various elements within the picture. This only means that certain flaws noticed on the elements within the image such us messed up hair, patchy makeup, rough skin, protruding stomach and other wanted/unwanted elements will further be corrected by eliminating or adding to the picture for an entirely glowing effect on images. Furthermore other Photographic filters and colour grading can also be added to the photograph when necessary to produce a unique and outstanding image. It’s almost like the perfect picture. 

Read our FAQ for more clarity and also see sample images of this value-added service.