I once asked a client, “Is this how much you are willing to pay for your wedding photography?” Yes! Sure, so what if a day after your wedding I lose all your images and I decide to refund your money plus an extra compensation of $3000.00. Will that be enough to settle the score? Her answer was No! Very well answered, This is because we understand what we do, knowing how invaluable and priceless the images we create are. Again I said, "tell me how much you are willing to take as compensation if I should lose your memories", you certainly cannot put a price tag on it I suppose? ... Welcome to Jema Studios! Here we don’t only preserve your memories, we rewrite the entire story into a beautiful piece of art.


In the wake of adequate preparations towards planning and execution of weddings already booked, management has decided to close 2020 bookings officially by End of August, 2020.

In view of this, Potential clients are advised to book as early as possible to secure their dates and slots before closure date.

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