Jema Weddings also now based in the USA. Operating mainly from Ohio, Virginia, New York and New Jersey!!!

International Packages-Photography

Engagement Only

300 softcopies from 6hours Coverage of Engagement which also includes;

Bridal Preparation Coverage
Couple Exclusives Session
Reception Coverage
One Photographer
Photo Book (A4-sized with 100 images)

$ 2200.00

Wedding Only

400 softcopies from 8hours Coverage of Wedding which also includes;

Bridal Preparation Coverage
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
Reception Coverage
One Photographer
Photo Book (A4-sized with 120 images)

$ 3200.00


600 softcopies from 4hours Coverage of Engagement 8hours Coverage of Wedding which also includes;

Pre-Wedding (1hour)
Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives
One Photographer
Photo Book (A4-sized with 150 images)
Flash Drive

$ 4200.00


Extra Photographer $800

Extra Hourly Rate $250

Extra Softcopies (100) $200

Groom Preparation $600

Pre-Wedding Session (30 Images, R 10) $800

Photo Book(A3) $500

Photo Book(A4) $350

Photo Frames(A4) $60

Photo Frames(A3) $120

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Videography Packages

Traditional Wedding Only

60 minutes movie from 5hours Coverage of Engagement which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
One Videographer
1 minute Thriller

$ 2500.00

White Wedding Only

60 minutes movie from 6hours Coverage of White Wedding which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
Reception Coverage
One Videographer
1 minute Thriller

$ 3500.00


90 minutes movie from 9hours Coverage of Traditional Wedding & White Wedding which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
Reception Coverage
Two Videographers
1 minute Thriller

$ 4500.00


Same Day Edit(Thriller) 1min - $ 350.00

Engagement Reception(2hours) - $ 600.00

Groom Preparation - $ 350.00

Save The Date Film - $ 500.00

Interview Sessions - $ 150.00

Additional Cinematographer - $ 600.00

15 Minutes Full Movie - $ 500.00

Drone Coverage - $ 350.00

Thanksgiving / Lunch(2 hours) - $ 500.00

Express Service(Full Delivery Within 5 Days) - $ 500.00


How do I book?

A: Kindly pick from our International Ratecard any package that best fits your event and make the necessary adjustments if need be. Then kindly request for an invoice from us via; . We will then forward you an invoice to make payments. After payment is made, we will send you a receipt and confirmation date slip via e-mail. Invoice for travelling expenses and accommodation is usually done separately from our actual service charge and is based on Negotiations, Flight Charges and Hotel Accommodation Costs. Shortly after confirming all the above, you will be asked to fill a questionnaire with precise details and information about your event to be sent back to us via e-mail. We hope to receive this email not less that 3 months to your event to enable the team plan adequately for your beautiful day. A Photographer and Creative Director will be assigned to your event as we prepare towards your big day. Regular follow up messages will be sent to you to ensure that the entire team is fully abreast with the turn of events and all necessary information and commitments fully adhere to for a successful day. After your event we will also send you our review forms to give us feedback on our performance based on your event.

What time will you arrive at the event?

A: We will arrive at your event 40 minutes to the time of an engagement but for wedding we will be there 70 minutes (1hr 10mins) before start of actual ceremony.

When will you leave my event?

A: We will leave your event based on the number of hours we were booked. As a result, the hours will start counting immediately the team gets to the agreed meeting place. You will be liable to all extra hourly charges if our time should exceed its limit and this is without any form of consent prior to the fact that you are fully aware of the hours you have subscribed and our reporting time to the event.

Where will you be coming from?

A: We are based in Ghana and United States, Ohio to be precise. However, we are open and available to travel any where around the world. However, you will have to cater for our travel expenses and accommodation if the event is beyond Ohio. Cincinnati, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago will come as an extra cost for transportation. Trips outside Ohio State and the United Stated will generally require that we are there a day before to enable us prepare adequately and rest for the busy day ahead.

Who will shoot my event?

A: Jema studios is a photography company made up of a league of Professional and Creative Photographers that have specialized mainly in shooting weddings and events all over the world. As a result, whoever comes to your event in our uniform and introduces him/herself as the Lead Photographer for your event is highly equipped to take stunning photos just as you see in our galleries. Our photographers are carefully picked based on professionalism, client needs and wants. Speak to Kwaku Darko, our Administrator and Lead Photographer for International Projects at +233553742524 /

When do I meet the photographer?

A: It is important to make your bookings and once your booking process is complete, you will be assigned to the Lead Photographer(s) for your event, who you can meet in our office, through Skype meetings or anywhere and anyhow convenient.

Do you touch up all the images on our image Flash Drive?

A: Yes, we do. Every image we deliver is post processed with our unique artistic and creative style of basic post production. This involves cropping, colour correction, exposure/brightness adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone mapping and other minor corrections. Many photographers will not post process any or will only post process “selected’’ images from your wedding. This means that you may have pictures that are too dark, have strange skin tones or other common photography flaws. However high-end retouched images per wedding is a maximum of 60 images and is relative to the chosen packages(R#). The (R#) next to the number of Photos/Softcopies to be delivered to the clients means number of retouched images. Also though all pictures to be normally edited before presented to clients; Retouching means we move the focus of our editing from the general look of your photograph to the various elements within the picture. Explaining further means that certain flaws noticed on the subjects within the image such us messed up hair, brown eyes & teeth, patchy makeup, sweat, rough skin, protruding stomach and other distractions will further be corrected by eliminating or adding to the picture for an entirely glowing effect on images. Furthermore other Photographic filters and colour grading can also be added to the photograph when necessary to produce a unique and outstanding image. It’s almost like the perfect picture useful for Wall Frames, Album Covers and Social Media Blog Posts. Scroll Down for sample images and kindly note that extra retouching of images will come at an extra cost of ₵25.00 per image if desired by clients.

How long will it take to receive our product?

A: Softcopies of pictures will be delivered within 14-21 working days. However we may share a few highlights with you as and when we make progress with the post production process via drop box. Full video will be ready in 40-60 days and short trailers will be ready between 14- 21 working days. Full deliverables from pictures and videos packages respectively will be delivered within 60-90 working days. Kindly note that express services can be requested and will come at an extra charge. All clients are advice to pick up their final proofs at our office otherwise payment will be made for delivery services by client if desired.

How many photographers will be at the event?

A: This will be based on the package you chose. However, if you are expecting more than 150 guests and you happened to go for a one photographer package(Basic), we strongly advise to add an additional Photographer from our team to reduce the stress of the single shooter and help to achieve a more comprehensive story and album.