Jema Weddings also now based in the USA. Operating mainly from Ohio, but available to travel to any State!

Photography Packages (2024-2025)

Engagement Session

60-minutes Shooting Session
Two Looks
20 Photos (10 Retouched Images)


Traditional Wedding Only

150 Photos (15 Retouched Images) from 6 hours of Coverage of Traditional Weddings which also includes;

Bridal Preparation Coverage
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony + Reception Coverage
One Photographer
Online Gallery (150 Images)

$ 2800.00

White Wedding Only

200 Photos (20 Retouched Images) from 8 hours of Coverage of White Weddings which also includes;

Bridal Preparation Coverage
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
Reception Coverage
One Photographer
Online Gallery (200 Images)

$ 3000.00

Deluxe (Same Day)

250 Photos (25 Retouched Images) from 12 hours of Wedding coverage, which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives
Ceremony + Reception
One Lead Photographer
Online Gallery (250 Images)

$ 3500.00

Premium Package

350 soft copies from 6 hours Traditional Wedding 10 hours White Wedding coverage, which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives
Ceremony + Reception
Two Photographers
Online Gallery (350 Images)


Combined Photo + Video Packages

One-stop-Shop (One Day)

Package includes;
8 hours of coverage of Traditional Wedding or White Wedding and Reception
A team of 2 media staff
Online Gallery 250 images (#R10)
45 minutes movie (1-2min Trailer)


Stills & Stories (Two Days)

Package includes;
15 hours of coverage of Traditional Wedding, White Wedding and Reception.
A team of 3 media staff
Online Gallery 400 images (#R20)
60 minutes movie (2-3mins Trailer)



Birthday / Portrait Session - $300.00

Retouching (Per Image) - $ 5.00

Extra Photographer (Per Day) - $ 650.00

Anniversary Shoot (60mins + 15 Photos) - $ 450.00

Extra Hourly Charge - $ 250.00

Extra Soft copies (100) - $ 200.00

Groom Preparation - $ 400.00

Social Media Blogging + Same Day Edits(10 Photos) - $ 600.00

Photo Book(A3) - $ 500.00

Photo Book(A4) - $ 350.00

Photo Frames(A4) - $ 125.00

Photo Frames(A3) - $ 175.00

Express Service (5 Working Days) - $1000.00

Videography Packages (2023-2024)

Traditional Wedding Only

60 minutes movie from 6 hours Coverage of Engagement which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
One Videographer
1-minute Thriller

$ 4000.00

White Wedding Only

60 minutes movie from 8 hours Coverage of White Wedding which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
Reception Coverage
One Videographer
1-minute Thriller

$ 5000.00


90 minutes movie from 12 hours Coverage of Traditional Wedding & White Wedding which also includes;

Bridal Preparation
Groom Preparation
Couple Exclusives Session
Ceremony Coverage
Reception Coverage
Two Videographers
2-minute Thriller

$ 6500.00


If you're looking to add some extra flair and excitement to your wedding, then check out our amazing extras/adjustments! We've got the perfect stuff that will take your special day to the next level. Get a Same Day Edit Thriller for only $600; capture every moment of an engagement reception with 2 hours coverage at just $600; document those Groom Preparations for just $650; craft a Save The Date film for only $800 or tell engaging stories through Interview Sessions - all in 15 minutes - for merely $250! Plus, enjoy Drone Coverage and 15 Minutes Full Movie at just 300 & $600 respectively. Even have Thanksgiving / Lunch covered within two hours – all priced reasonably at 600 dollars. Last but not least, get Express Service with full delivery within 5 days starting from 1500 dollars only!

Same Day Edit(Thriller) 1min - $ 600.00

Groom Preparation - $ 650.00

Save The Date Film (One Look + 45 secs TL) - $ 800.00

Extra Hourly Charge - $ 300.00

Interview Sessions - $ 250.00

Additional Cinematographer - $ 600.00

15 Minutes Full Movie - $ 600.00

Drone Coverage - $ 300.00

Express Service(Full Delivery Within 5 Days) - $ 1500.00

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Gain an insight into how we operate in the United States by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I book?

Kindly pick from our Ratecard any package that best suits your event, and fill out our "Contact/Inquiry" form with all the necessary information to request an invoice to make bookings. You can also Call or WhatsApp any of our contact numbers for assistance and clarity. Please do well to read our T&C before making any commitments, as it is deemed as your acceptance of our Contract. A questionnaire will be sent subsequently to be filled with accurate details of your big day. A photographer and (Creative Director; depending on the package) will be assigned to your event along with a curated pre-production meeting (via Zoom). Cheers! We certainly can't wait to be at your event.

Where will the team be coming from?

To be precise, we are based in the United States, Ohio to be precise. However, we are open and available to travel anywhere, even outside the USA. Trips outside Ohio State will generally require that we are there a day before to enable us to prepare adequately and rest for the busy day ahead.

Do I need to make arrangements for travel bookings?

We are based in Ohio, so this depends mainly on your location. Our clients will have to cater for our travel expenses and accommodation if the event is beyond Ohio and Cincinnati. New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago will come as an extra cost for transportation. Invoices for travelling expenses and accommodation are usually done separately from our service charge. They are based on Negotiations, Flight Charges and Hotel Accommodation Costs for out of Ohio State weddings. Our Payment details will be indicated on the invoice sent to you, and a non-refundable 50% deposit (Booking Fee) will be required within the next 15 days to keep the invoice valid. This payment will confirm your booking and submitted date. We will then send you a receipt, confirmation date slip, and Contracts via Email.

Who will shoot my event?

Jema studios is a photography company made up of a league of professional and creative photographers specialising mainly in shooting weddings and events. As a result, whoever comes to your event in our uniform and introduces themselves as the Lead Photographer for your event is highly equipped to take stunning photos, just as you see in our portfolio.

What time will you arrive at the event?

We will arrive at your event 40-minutes from the time of the traditional ceremony. For the white wedding, 70-minutes (1hr, 10mins) before the start of the actual ceremony.

When will you leave my event?

: When we leave, your event is based solely on the number of hours we are booked. The hours start counting immediately when the team gets to the agreed meeting place. Our clients are liable for all extra hourly charges if the event should exceed its limits based on the turnout of events without any prior notice from the media team.

How many photographers will be at the event?

This will be based on the package you choose; however, if you are expecting more than 120 guests, we strongly advise adding an additional photographer from our team to reduce the single shooter's stress and help achieve a more comprehensive story and wedding gallery.

When do I meet the photographer?

It is essential to make sure the booking process is complete. You will then be assigned a Lead Photographer(s) for your event; a meeting is set up via zoom during our creative sessions.

Are our pictures featured online/social media?

Yes and no, Images captured by Jema Studios do not automatically feature on our social media platforms and blogs. Jema Studios reserves the right to select images (at its discretion) to feature on its social media platforms and blogs. Images created for our clients under the copyright law are considered Shared Ownership. This means that both the client and the creators (Jema Studios) have equal rights to the images to share and reproduce them. Full Copyright to images can, however, be requested by a client at a charge. Once a client has Full Copyright, Jema Studios will have no right to share, reproduce or commercialize the images without the client's permission. Some Jema Studios packages include automatic features on our blogs and media platforms (see Platinum Packages).

Do you touch up all the images on the Flash Drive?

Yes and No. We have introduced a new way of delivery, where clients receive all Unprocessed JPEGs on a flash drive/cloud storage within a maximum of five (5) working days after their event. These are all images captured from your event, and you will be asked to select images for editing (post-production) based on your package. Clients have seven (7) working days to choose and submit pictures for post-production. Failure to adhere to the timeline will result in the team making a selection on behalf of you, the client (Clients can also give prior notice for the team to go ahead with selection). This is to ensure our entire workflow is not stalled, resulting in delays in final deliveries. Every image we deliver after selection is post-processed with our unique artistic and creative style of basic post-production. Editing involves cropping, color correction, exposure/brightness adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone mapping and other minor modifications. The (R#) next to the number of Photos/Soft Copies to be delivered to the clients means the number of retouched images. Alongside all Normal edits will be Retouched Images to be presented to clients; Retouching means we move the focus of our editing from the general look of your photograph to the various elements within the picture. Kindly note that requesting extra retouching of images will come at an additional cost of $ 0.99 per image and for standard edits will be $ 5.00

How long will it take to receive our product?

Couples/clients will receive all Unprocessed JPEGs files (Photos Straight out of cameras) via flash drive to enable them to select satisfactory images from their day. These images should reach the client within 3-5 Working Days. Based on these selections, images will be post-processed/edited for your Online Gallery, Photobook(s) and Photo Frame(s) where applicable. The number of images will depend on the package chosen, and clients will have exactly seven (7) working days to select images. E.g. For same-day and deluxe packages, couples pick 150-200 images. However, couples will select 250-300 images for premium and priceless packages. Every additional image will cost $ 0.99 for standard editing and $ 5.00 for retouching. Softcopies are delivered within 14-21 working days. Full video will be ready within 40-60 working days and short trailers within 14-21 working days. Complete deliverables (Photobooks, Frames) from pictures and video packages will be delivered within 60-90 working days. We will share a few highlights with you via Dropbox as we progress with the post-production process; Files are most likely to be the retouched images that come with your package. Kindly note that express services can be requested and will come at an extra charge.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do hope clients do not cancel their bookings before their special day, but if this happens, the booking fee of 50% of the package chosen will be non-refundable—request contracts for further information on this.

Have additional questions?

Please submit using the form on our contact page, and we will be in contact shortly. Email:

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