We decided to interview our couple to have them tell us in their own words how they met :

At a riveting Joe Mettle concert in 2021, the air resonating with rhythm and spirit, Joseph and I first crossed paths. Among the bustling crowd, I was part of the Protocol team, a tiny yet crucial cog in the mighty wheel of the event, ensuring every minute detail was executed flawlessly. My key role was to disperse the special concert souvenirs that held within them the memory of that magical evening.Cloaked in the twilight hues of that evening, a soft tap on my shoulder broke my diligent concentration. I turned around to find a pair of warm eyes belonging to a man who held an unmistakable air of charisma. He introduced himself as Joseph, a guest at the event, humbly requesting for more souvenirs.
The concert was drawing towards its melodious finale, the last notes echoing within the walls. As time seemed to have slipped through our fingers, we decided to exchange numbers so that I could retreat backstage to retrieve more souvenirs. With a reassuring smile, I promised him that he would have his mementos before the night was over.True to my word, I navigated through the backstage labyrinth, my arms laden with souvenirs as I returned to Joseph. Our exchange was brief, yet it was tinged with a promising spark that neither of us could deny.

As dawn broke on the next day, my phone rang, the screen lighting up with Joseph's name. His call was a simple gesture of gratitude, an appreciative acknowledgement for the souvenirs. However, it was so much more than that. It was a silent admission of a connection, a shared resonance that seemed to have been woven through our interactions.

One call led to another, and what began as a serendipitous encounter at a concert, slowly but surely blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Those brief phone calls turned into lengthy conversations that lasted well into the night. We began to discover more about each other, the shared interests, the differing opinions, all stitched together in the fabric of our growing bond.

Today, we stand together, stronger and more in love than ever, cherishing our journey that had its humble beginnings at a concert. A tap on the shoulder, an exchange of numbers, a simple call of gratitude - a trail of seemingly ordinary moments that led us to our extraordinary forever. Looking back, it's fascinating to see how a request for souvenirs spiraled into a forever spent in love and companionship. Our story, as beautiful as it is unique, is a testament to the magic of unexpected encounters and the power of deep connections.

When they decided to tie the knot, they knew they wanted their wedding to be nothing short of magical. Rhoda's dream was a lavish white wedding in a pristine atmosphere,with exquisite decor. Determined to make both dreams come true, they embarked on an ambitious plan to have two lavish weddings that would forever be etched in the memories of their loved ones.

The wedding was a sight to behold as well, with Rhoda and Joseph saying "I do" amidst a symphony of blooming flowers in a luxurious church setting with many dignified guests.Rhoda wore an elegant ballgown adorned with intricate lace, and Joseph looked dashing in his tailored tuxedo. The fragrance of flowers filled the air, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and romance. Their loved ones showered them with blessings, and the night was filled with heartfelt toasts and unforgettable moments. As the stars twinkled in the clear night sky, Rhoda and Joseph knew that they had created memories that would last a lifetime, not just for themselves but for everyone who had shared in their love story.

And so, Rhoda and Joseph's lavish white weddings became the stuff of legends, a tale of love that transcended dreams and brought together two extraordinary celebrations. Their weddings were a symbol of their love's grandeur and the promise of a future filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures side by side.