Get down on it !!!

So theres this new fascnating trend weve noticed and we couldn't help but pen our thoughts about it .

How do the older generations have MORE fun on the dancefloor at weddings ! What is going on ???.

"Senior citizens" are the first ones on the dance floor breaking it down,whether its a super cute formation dance to Buga or the electric slide. You'll catch the youngins leaving after one or two moves but here is the rich aunty ready to battle it out till midnight . Is this a testament to the vigor and strength of the oldies or can we blame the sexy mach mach shoes of Gen Z being too high.?? Either ways we love the vibe 100%!!

The Ghana Wedding scene is in an unbelieavably super plush and elagant season The perfect occasion to get a little carried away with the fashion designs. Both young and older women come clad in exagerated fascinators and dresses, so much so that if you do not make the effort you will most likely be the odd person out. Instagram and Facebook are a testement to these wedding guest outfits that give off “rich Aunty” both generations.

The older generation have made such an impact on the dancefloor that theres a game played just for them at wedding and parties.The DJ invites all married couples onto the dance floor and starts a slow-dance love song to officially kick off the Generations Dance. After about 30 seconds into the dance, couples who have been married less than a day leave the dance floor. Then, 30 seconds later, couples married less than a year are asked to exit the dance floor. Then, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and so on until only one couple remains. It’s a wonderful moment to see the final couple out there on the dance floor still going strong — both in dancing and in their marriage. The last couples on the dance floor are often grandparents of the bride or groom.The Generations Dance is always a great way to keep the party moving.