KEEPING your I-DOs forever

Your wedding pictures arguably, might be the most important post keep of the whole ceremony ,hence the reason to never compromise on them. These pictures will be the most treasured part of your grand day. You'll revisit and rewatch and share and keep sharing ! 100 years from now in a whimsical moment it is these very pictures that you'll look back at relive wedding vows, first kiss and the most intimate moments.

Selecting and choosing the right photographers for your big day is a process that must not be taking lightly. Finding a professional who understands the theme ,look and feel you're aspiring for must be on the top of your list ,let's not forget comfortability and trust as well. Bear in mind this person will be with you the whole day and you're believing that he has your interests ,first and foremost !

From experience, we at Jema have curated a special guide to help you find the perfect wedding photographer .(ergo ...US) OK OK just kidding : ) do follow below steps !


After settling on a date ,this sounds obvious but it is the most important first step.Securing a venue cements any decision you take and allows you to accurately book the photographer of your choice ,many months in advance. This prevents disappointment and clashing with any other event the photographer might have ,it also allows the photographer to scout and have a feel of the venue and location shoot prior to event day.


This is the best time to speak to friends family, peruse social media extensively! Ask your recently married friends whose work they loved ,who they used, what they found out during research .Most often people end up choosing recommended vendors as their work normally is enough testimony.Solicit tips from your wedding planner /coordinators as well ,its their industry they would know !

Often this limits your searching pool.


With so many options, it’s tricky to choose exactly what wedding photography style is best for you. For the general look of pictures a couple can choose either a bright or airy look or a dark and moody feel.Dark and moody as the name implies has dark tone to the pictures while light and airy photos use low contrast and flat lighting to soften and minimize shadows. Another option is the graded and toned picture, where colours are enhanced to make the pictures look great.

The Editing style is another area to look into.For blemish removal and cleaning of pictures a couple can opt for minimalistic or natural editing ,advanced cleaning or highly smoothed/highly edited version for the couple who likes extremely edited pictures.

Finally speak on the documenting style you'd like the photographer to work with on your big day.If storytelling is more your vibe then you can go for a storytelling and candid picture style or be safe with the traditional and posed concept .You and your groom can go for wild with an artistic like documentary style.

SOOOOOOOO........whether you're going for a dark and moody feel ,advanced cleaning method or traditional and posed style, it's important that you DO YOUR homework. Search photographers who do same or similar work once you've seen what you like email and enquire and availability and their fees ! Not going out of your budget is highly important ! once you've received a favourable response you can now began to book interviews /meetings.


There's no couple who wants to be taken by surprise with unknown or Un budgeted bills. SPEAK about everything.

Discuss your vision and biggest concerns; turnaround time after the wedding ,the mode of delivering proofs/pictures.

Ask about the number of photographers who will be present that day ,will they need accommodations and the number of hours they would cover the event.Clarify the package you'll choose and verify the details that come with that package

Before meeting the photographers make sure you have viewed their most recent pictures/videos and not just snippets. This allows you and your partner to make a correct and accurate general assessment of the photographer. Another vital issue here is the fee. Discuss fees ,know which portfolio comes with which service and the number of photographers you are getting at your wedding. Confirm time ,location ,additional fees if there are any. Be a 100 percent certain so that you can have peace of mind for your day.


After the various interviews now comes to the time to actually choose a photographer who you actually vibe with, who understands what you want exactly . This may sound funny but GO WITH YOUR GUT .

The heart knows what it wants.... Plus unconsciously you're most likely towing towards a particular person/group already. You've done your research now based on evidence choose the person you most trust to make your big day perfect !

Now the last guide would be do a TEST PRACTICE SHOOT

It is important to set everything right on your wedding day and one way to do that is an engagement photo shoot .This allows comfortability if you or your bride are camera shy. The bride can throw in a makeup session as well with her to-be makeup artist which gives a complete test shoot!

We hope these tips are helpful and you come visit this site for more!

Examples of pre wedding shoot

From now on........

" Save the date " photo

Lost in love