For their pre -wedding shoot we decided on a nude set and it worked out so perfectly.

This exquisitely beaded traditional outfit known as kente set off Abigails skin tone beautifully and perfectly complimented her grooms attire

The bridal suite was a site to behold.More than a hundred fresh flowers adorned the room with well lit candles setting the mood for the perfect morning.

From HI to I-DO

LOVE curated in an African supermarket......

As fairytale like as this sounds, this is is Nana Senti and Abigail's real life encounter. A chance meeting cemented her happily ever after.Who knew a normal sunny afternoon which included bread and milk would change her life forever. As both reached for the same item, Abigail shyly pulled her hand back only to look up to the face of a total but extremely handsome man .Might we say love at first sight ????

One day, someone will walk into your life, and then suddenly you'll wake up and realize how empty your life used to be without them.

Elegance was the major theme for the wedding.

Abigail our melanic bride radiated happiness as she waited for her MR- right.

The couple tied the knot in a two day spectacular event. Friends and Family graciously honoured the couple by showing up to share in their love ,the walls were encased in beautiful decor and calming music could be heard all around.

The vow ceremony had the bride in tears as she recited the very words of promise she has rehearsed over and over.

The brides ombre beaded kente, a special cultural Ghanaian attire was a sight to behold with her husband Nana clad in an equally colourful kente as well.

Surely a day they'll never forget.

Being in love is a wonderful thing! and we are obsessed with their love.

Have fun perusing through their beautiful wedding photos we sit in the corner and ask God When ?!😂

Cheers to forever laughter ....

Makeup and Attire

For Abigails makeup she opted for a clean look with emphasis on her eyes with a slick back hairdo for her traditional look .

For the white ceremony, a swept up bun was the ideal choice to go with her gorgeous mermaid gown !

through eternity, forever and ever


The reception hall was a sight to behold evoking a timeless and elegant atmosphere.

The decor style was a perfectly-coordinated aesthetic that was chic and refined. After the formalities of cake cutting and speeches came the fun part ! Friends and families swapped their heels for flats and slippers and led the way to the dance floor to dance the night away.

Beautiful fireworks culminated the night for our newest couple!!!
















Special thanks to our first blog feature couple for trusting us to capture these lifelong memories !